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About us

About us

Pk-Legal and Associates ® is a well reputed law firm based in Islamabad, Rawalpindi. The firm also have its presence in few other cities including Gujrat, Gujranwala, Lahore and Karachi to accommodate the increasing workload coming from everywhere. In its administrative and professional set-up, Pk-Legal and Associates is comparable to any National corporate and commercial law firms, we also have years of experience in Family Laws, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Cyber Crimes, Court Marriages in Pakistan, Child Custody and maintenance cases, Divorce and Khula.

We are a Firm that provides a diversified range of litigation services, consultancy services, alternate dispute resolution services, advisory services, institutional capacity building services, case research and expert opinion services to multi-national companies, industry associations, Government bodies, statutory bodies, diplomatic missions, regulatory agencies, and other entities.

In addition to our office based services, we provide Special Legal Services to Overseas Pakistanis, Foreign Nationals and Companies having their interest within Pakistan. We have sophisticated set up with necessary resources and contacts to register Legal documents with the concerned Registrar. Our services include but no limited to the followings categories and documents specified therein:

Below is the List of Our Main Legal Services Areas in Pakistan, You Can Request Any of These Services Online as well

Family Laws

  1. Divorce Deed or Talaq nama
  2. Separation agreement between husband and wife (Talaq-e-Mubarat)
  3. Child Custody Agreements
  4. Legal Advice regarding Court Marriages


  1. Partnership Deed
  2. Deed of admission of Partner
  3. Deed of Partnership between more than two partners
  4. Deed of dissolution of Partnership
  5. Agency Agreement


  1. Sale Deed
  2. Deed of sale of a House
  3. Sale Deed- when part of consideration is paid before execution and part is agreed to be paid after registration
  4. Deed of Sale by Co-owners of undivided property
  5. Deed of Sale of a business and assignment of Goodwill
  6. Agreement to Sell
  7. Sale Deed by Attorney
  8. Deed of Sale of Decree
  9. Deed of Sale by Vendor- with limited power of disposition
  10. Sale by Guardian of a Minor
  11. Deed of Sale, Mortgagees Joining


  1. Notice by Vendor to complete a purchase
  2. Notice by Purchaser to complete a Sale
  3. Notice by Pleader to Debtor
  4. Notice by Landlord to Quit
  5. Notice to Debtor
  6. Notice by Tenant to Quit
  7. Notice of Dissolution of Partnership
  8. Notice of Dishonor of Cheque
  9. Notice to Registrar of Firms

Power of Attorney

  1. Special power of attorney for a court case
  2. Power of Attorney to present documents for registration
  3. General Power of attorney
  4. Special power of attorney to execute a sale deed
  5. Deed of revocation of Power of Attorney
  6. Power of attorney to pleader for a court case


  1. Agreement to submit to Arbitration
  2. Arbitration Agreement