What is the procedure to obtain Khula (dissolution of marriage) in Pakistan
In this article I am going to write an answer of a very common question asked by many Pakistani females. The question is “What is Step by Step Procedure of Khula or Divorce through court in Pakistan?” Khula Procedure or procedure of divorce through Family
How to Setup a Company in Pakistan (Step by Step Process of Business Formation)
Business incorpration/Company registration/formation process (Step by Step Guide) Team of Corporate lawyers at Pk-Legal and Associates has drafted a Step by Step guide of business formation/Company Registration/Company Formation for our valued corporate and business
Free legal advice for ladies in Pakistan
Generally we provide free legal advice over the telephone. But if you need face-to-face appointments with the lawyer you speak with, we can arrange this with you in some conditions. Pk-Legal and Associates provide specialist legal services relating to Family laws and
The Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act 2013
The Sindh Assembly is the first assembly in Pakistan where a a bill of this kind is passed. According to “The Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act 2013”, in cases of underage marriage the Bride, Groom and parents can all be sentenced to three years in prison
What is Women’s right to divorce in Pakistan: a rarely used provision on NikahNama
Pakistan is slowly but steadily moving towards pro-female legislation but question of the day is that who and how will we educate our women about their legal rights. For example, Muslim women in Pakistan can have right to divorce their husbands on column 18 of their