What is Women’s right to divorce in Pakistan: a rarely used provision on NikahNama
Pakistan is slowly but steadily moving towards pro-female legislation but question of the day is that who and how will we educate our women about their legal rights. For example, Muslim women in Pakistan can have right to divorce their husbands on column 18 of their
 The Federal Government introduced the Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010 (the Act ) for protection of women from harassment at the workplace, and requiring every organization to adopt the Code of Conduct prescribed under the Act.
Legal Services for Overseas in Pakistan
If you live in another country and looking to hire a law firm or a lawyer in Pakistan then it is very hard to know how to choose the best lawyer/law firm. Legal services are a highly saturated field in Pakistan and finding the best lawyer in Islamabad, Rawalpindi,
How to Hire a Best Lawyer?
Many people in Pakistan or across the world are not enough familiar with how to find the right lawyer for their court case or other legal matters. Also, people get confused when they are looking for the best lawyer and they don’t know what they are supposed to do