What to do when your facebook account is hacked and misused?

Posted by Admin on Mon September 23rd, 2013

In the Cyber world it is a continuous war to safeguard your private data from hackers and someones who are not professional hacker but have an enmity with you and always keep in search of anything that may harm your public reputation and image.
Hackers are always busy in finding a ways to Hack Facebook Accounts. But hacking Facebook accounts is not something that everyone can do easily as Facebook has a team of professional security experts and penetration testers to keep your data as much secure as much possible. SO you should not be much worried about such type of hacking.
But there is another type of hacking as well, that is hacking by a close relative, a friend or your office colleague. This is the type that is on your part where you need to take some necessary steps to safeguard your private data and secure your public image.

Let's learn a few things that may help you to secure your private information from such people and avoid any mishaps.

  1. At first you should never share your password with anyone.
  2. Always use strong password that also contains special numbers and characters e.g. Jam!l*&1 and avoid easy to guess passwords such as your date of birth, your mobile numbers, your name etc.
  3. Always properly logout if you use public or shared computer.
  4. Don't write your passwords on any notebooks etc. that can be accessed or viewed by others.
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