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Pk-Legal and Associates is a registered law firm in Islamabad and known as one of the best law firms in Pakistan with its head office in Islamabad and Network of Offices in All Important Cities of Pakistan. We are a complete and the best law firm offering Court Marriages services, Family Laws, Divorce and Khulla, Child Custody, Child Adoption, and Guardianship Services, Company Registration, Cyber Crimes, Civil and Banking Laws Litigation Services. We are also known as one of the best process servers, we offer process services in all major cities of Pakistan and all areas between Rawalpindi and Lahore Our online and telephonic legal consultation services are 100% free. Our inspiration is not to be only a renowned law firm in Pakistan for locals but also best law firm which provides reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality legal services to the overseas Pakistanis and foreign clients and other Pakistani entrepreneurs.

Child custody, adoption, maintenance, guardianship laws Islamabad Rawalpindi and best lawyers

Child Custody, Adoption and Guardianship

Child Custody Rules/Laws Child custody is a burning issue for every divorce in Pakistan, which makes both parents to know about child custody laws. Each parent seeks every kind of legal provision to gain custody of their child even though being a single parent is tough. Child welfare is the key factor taken into consideration by the court while g…
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Lawyers for Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan

The court marriage is a formal union of a man and a woman, typically solemnized by legal procedure in the court of law, by which they become husband and wife. Such a marriage is solemnized before the Marriage Registrar of the area where both or any of the parties to such a marriage reside. Now how you proceed for court marriage in Pakistan. Contact our court marriage lawyers with confidence, your privacy is 100% guaranteed.

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Court Marriage Lawyers in Pakistan and best law firm

Banking / Financial Litigation

Pk-Legal and Associates has helped hundreds of individual and businesses client of all sizes to resolve their financial difficulties with various banks in Pakistan.
We believe that your personal or business needs are unique. Each business faces its own particular challenges. We are concerned about your personal welfare as well.

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