Marriage Registration of a foreigner and a Pakistani

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Marriage Registration of a foreigner and a Pakistani

Marriage Registration of a foreigner and a Pakistani in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, and other cities in Pakistan

This article is about the Marriage Registration of a foreigner and a Pakistani in Pakistan.
The world has become a global village as people of different continents and countries have many options to interact with each other and know about each other. Due to globalization, inter-country marriages have become a norm in the present age. We at Pk-Legal and Associates offers our service to foreign nationals regarding marriage registration with Pakistani nationals since 2004. We have provided services of marriage registration to foreign nationals with Pakistani nationals.

Important information for all those foreigners who are looking to get married to a Pakistani national in Pakistan:

Marriage between a foreigner and a Pakistani is a not very complex process. But it requires expert-level knowledge to avoid any legal implications in case of errors in the paperwork. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the procedure of marriage registration in Pakistan for a foreign national who comes to Pakistan for the marriage registration process.

Both the foreign national and the Pakistani partner must provide a variety of legal documents. A detailed list of documents required for the marriage registration of a foreigner to a Pakistani is listed here:

  1. A foreign nationality holder who intends to get married in Pakistan must have a valid visa at the time of marriage registration in Pakistan. It can be a visit, business, or family visa.
  2. A foreign nationality holder must provide information on whether he/she was married before and whether they have any children.
  3. In the case of 2nd marriage, a divorce paper in case of divorce from a previous marriage or a death certificate in case of an ex-partner’s death is required. In case of original documents are in any other language, an English-translated copy is needed.
  4. Six passport-size Photographs. In some cities, only four Photographs are required.
  5. An affidavit of “Free Will for the Marriage” if the foreigner is a female. We prepare this document at our Law office at the time of marriage.
  6. 4x Photocopies of all documents as mentioned above.

How much is Marriage registration Processing Time with foreign nationals?

  • A person who wish to marry to a foriegn national in Pakistan must book an appointment with us at least 2 or 3 days in advance.
  • The couple arrive at our designated office along with all required documents mentioned above at the scheduled time.
  • Nikah Nama, which is a handwritten marriage certificate, will be done by a Nikah Registrar at our office with correct information of the bride and groom.
  • The Signatures and thumb impressions of the bride and the groom along with the Signatures of their witnesses of the marriage are taken on the Nikah Nama.
  • Seal and signature of the Nikah Registrar Data entry in the relevant registers Notarization and registration of Affidavit of Free will.
  • An application for the issuance of Marriage Registration Certificate (NADRA certificate) will be submitted by our team. This document comes in two languages, Urdu and English.
  • Computerized Marriage Certificate may take up to 5 workings days for issuance.

Documents issuance Schedule in case of a Pakistani and Foreigner’s court marriage

  • The couple receives their Nikahnama on the same day in most cases. It is a Marriage registration document in the Urdu language written by hand. However, in some cases, it comes on the very next working day.
  • A computerized Marriage Certificate shall be issued within 5 to 7 working days by the office concerned from the date of application submission.