How to Get Khulla in Pakistan and Its Procedure

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How to Get Khulla in Pakistan and Its Procedure

How to Get Khulla in Pakistan?

First of all, the concept/meaning of ‘Khula’ should be cleared before we move further deep into this topic. Khula is a kind/type of divorce which a Pakistani Muslim female gets without the consent of her husband. Khulla decree is granted by the Family Court in Pakistan.

Muslim Family Law in Pakistan has given powers to the Family Courts to hear the plea of a grieving wife and grant her a decree of dissolution of marriage on her plea without her husband’s consent. The same can later be submitted at the office of the Concerned Union Council for the grant of the Divorce Effectiveness Certificate.

Pakistani Muslim Family laws are very clear about khula, and this subject is dealt with under Section 8 of the “The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961”. There could be several reasons on basis of which a wife can seek a decree of dissolution of marriage under the name of Khulla e.g. hatred between spouses, mismatch, home abuse or torture by husband, the husband has gone missing, lost his sanity, or is impotent, etc.

How much time is required for Khulla in Pakistan?

The time required for the disposal of Khulla case may vary due to several reasons. Such as the constant absence of husband in the court, schedule of hearing dates, any sudden strike in the court may also cause an unnecessary adjournment for a few days. Another reason is the initialization of reconciliation proceedings with the consent of both spouses, etc.

How much Fee/Money is required for the Khulla case in Pakistan?

Well, the answer to this question purely relies on the fact which lawyers you have contacted for the proceedings of your case. Highly experienced lawyers are a bit expensive whereas less experienced would charge less. However, there is one very important factor you should consider is the fees. We offer fixed prices with zero hidden charges to all Khulla and other clients. With us, so you would be able to easily manage your finances.