Sample Reconciliation Agreement between Wife and Husband after divorce

Posted by Shujaat Muzaffar Bajwa on Wed January 8th, 2020

Sample Reconciliation Agreement between Wife and Husband

We as a family law firm in Pakistan try our best to guide and help people related to their family law cases and allied issues through our online presence. Below is the sample of a Reconciliation Agreement which is to be prepared and submit at concerned Union Council when a husband and wife have a divorce case proceedings pending in the concerned Union Council Under Section 7 of The Muslum Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 but before the expiry of 90 days, they come to a reconciliation and want to start living together once again as wife and husband as per the Muslim Family laws of Pakistan.

Reconciliation Agreement

Mr. XYZ, referred to as HUSBAND, and Ms. ABC, referred to as WIFE, agree:

The parties were lawfully married on ______________________ at __________________________. Since such time they have continued to be married.

The Husband initiated divorce proceedings at Union Council # ______, Rawalpindi on dated________.

The parties have settled their differences, and desire to terminate the divorce proceedings at UC # (____), Islamabad/Rawalpindi (CHANGE CITY/PLACE AS PER YOUR CASE).

Henceforward, the parties shall live together as husband and wife. The parties have each had a full and ample opportunity to consult with legal and other counselors of their own choice and have reviewed the terms of this agreement with their advisors.

The parties shall petition the court for dismissal of this action.

This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties and the same may only be modified by a written agreement executed by both parties.

Dated: ___________

Husband Name and Signaure: ______________

Wife Name and Signaure:______________

Witnesse 1:

Name and Signaure:______________

Witness 2:

Name and Signaure: ______________
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