Step by Step Divorce Process at Union Council in Pakistan

Posted by Admin on Fri September 11th, 2015

A divorce not routed through procedure contemplated by Section 7 of The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961, does not become effective. Both parties can nominate their representatives/lawyers to pursue Arbitration/Union Council Proceedings however one time in person presence is a must. If we divide complete divorce process into phases then we can split it into two major phases...

  1. initiation of divorce There are three different methods to dissolve a marriage in Pakistan. Which we will discuss here

  • Divorce By Husband: It is a method in which a husband pronounce a divorce to the wife.
  • Divorce by the way of Khulla: It is also called judicial divorce. A wife can go to the family court at any stage of her life is she feels that she can't continue with her marriage. Court issues a divorce decree after hearing her case.
  • Mutual Divorce: Husband and wife can also write a mutual divorce deed.
  1. In the next and final phase we will discuss and show you step by step divorce process at Union Councils in Pakistan through an info-graphic chart.

  1. Once below process is completed properly, you can apply for a NADRA's computerized divorce certificate in the same union council.

Illustration of Step by Step divorce procedure in Union Council of Pakistan
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