Corporate Legal and tax Services in Pakistan

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Lawyers in Pakistan
Lawyers in Pakistan

Corporate Legal and tax Services in Pakistan

Corporate Legal and Tax Services in Pakistan

Corporate law is the body of law developed to govern the creation and existence of corporate entities and commercial transactions. This body of law allows for efficient, predictable, and secure agreements and relationships. Corporate law also provides guidance for deciding what type of corporate entity will be best for a particular business situation or circumstance. Through utilizing corporate law, corporations can determine how best to protect the interests of their shareholders and facilitate commercial transactions with customers and lenders. It also contains Offshore Corporate Legal Services, Incorporation, Joint Ventures, Commercial Contracts & Agreements, Large Scale Corporate Transactions, Merges, Acquisitions, Financing, Investment, Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Management Services.

In a nutshell we are professional Corporate Consultants, having expertise in the following areas:

  • Corporation work
  • Company Registration with SECP
  • Firm/AOP Registration with Registrar of Firms
  • NTN Registration Services and Help
  • Sales Tax Registration and related matters
  • Anti-trust matters
  • Finance and taxation
  • Joint ventures
  • Projects involving the grant and exploitation of government concessions

The setting up and operation of:

        • Manufacturing facilities
        • Banking and financial institutions
        • Trading and service companies
        • Banking and financing transactions
        • Syndicated loans
        • Credit facilities
        • Project financing
        • Mergers, acquisitions and divestments
        • Licensing and transfer of technology
        • The grant of franchises, agencies and distributorships
        • The incorporation of companies, private, public and listed
        • The public floatation and listing of securities
        • Tender offers for listed securities

Clients advised include those in the fields of banking, finance, shipping, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pesticides, petroleum, cement, tobacco, beverages, edible oils, soaps and detergents, tea, vehicles, computers, communications, general services and other fields.